Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Pictures from Adam at the MTC

Adam's District in the MTC

(l-r) Elders Ramirez, Hill, Forsyth, Diaz, Hunter & Tuttle
(I did that all from memory. Am I amazing?)

Elder Ramirez and Adam had the Swine Flu together
Elder Ramirez was born in Chile, lived in Japan for 6 years, then went to college in Florida where he studied aerospace engineering and helped built a rocket ship for his internship this past semester. Elder Ramirez just converted to the church a year and a half ago, and is 23 years old. Adam has asked me to correspond with Elder Ramirez because he doesn't get much mail and his own mother died several years ago. In fact, Elder Ramirez came into Adam's room and remarked that he should "write to Adam's mom, because she always writes back." He seems like a remarkable young man, and I'm looking forward to writing him letters.

Adam with a few funnies from his care package from Mom

Elders Hunt, Hill & Forsyth (companionship)

They actually LOOK like missionaries in this picture!


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