Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elder Forsyth!!!!

In the news...
Elder Forsyth and his companion were assigned by President Howell to be "shadowed" for a day by a local newspaper reporter for the main Twin Cities newspaper. Here they are on an appointment with a Hmong family.

The Hmong NEW YEAR celebration in the Twin Cities!

All the Hmong Elders in the Twin Cities.

The Elders set up a booth at the Hmong New Year festivities
and got about 100 referrals.
Beautiful Hmong costumes.

Elder Forsyth looks good in pink!

Back at the apartment...
Elder Forsyth claims that living conditions are better on his mission than they were at home. Okay ---- if he's sleeping in BATHROOM, how bad were things at home? LOL
Actually, he wrote a very funny letter home telling us how great he has it on his mission...
no one steals his food, he only has to share the bathroom with one other person.
He'd better enjoy the "good life" while he has it.

Definitely not the Taj Majal!

Elder Forsyth & Elder Hill

Elder Forsyth has really enjoyed cooking while on his mission.

His favorite companion... (another) Elder Hill from CA.

At the "Frat House"

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